Who Am I?

dave robertsIf you’re visiting for the first time, allow me to introduce my self.  I’m Dave Roberts, and this is my blog.

I live in Denver, Colorado, with my wife, two children and a dog.  I’m a computer programmer by trade, working in a not-all-that exciting industry.  I stay busy, and it pays the bills.

On the side, I’m an avid collector of watches.  I like both older ones and newer ones, but I gravitate towards those that have interesting or unusual features or complications.

The weirder, the better.  I particularly like some of the odd early Japanese electronic watches of the 1970s, but there’s a lot of interesting high-tech stuff coming out now, too.

I’ll update the blog as I find time, with articles about anything related to the hobby that I find interesting.

I hope you enjoy.