A French Twist – Charlie Watch With a Complication

When one thinks of watches, and particularly when one thinks of watches with complications, one usually thinks “Switzerland.”

It’s true that the Swiss have long been leaders in horology and particularly when it comes to innovation.  Others can make watches that display the time, but when you want complications in your wristwatch, you go to the Swiss.

charlie watch complicationIf you really want to get a bit edgy, you might go with the Japanese, as Seiko and Citizen have come up with a few interesting innovations over the years.

What about the French?

The French aren’t exactly known for their watches.  They’ve built the Eiffel tower, and some rather odd looking automobiles, but France isn’t usually anyone’s “go-to” place for watches, especially watches with complications.

But Charlie Watch, based in Paris, is seeking to change that.  Founded in 2014, the company was founded by two watch fans who wanted to create watches of their own that would please them and their families.  That’s all.

But Charlie Watch makes some tastefully elegant watches that look great when you’re wearing them in the office or for an evening at a nice restaurant or a visit to the symphony.

charlie watch initial power reserveYou won’t find Charlie Watch to be particularly “edgy” when it comes to styling; there aren’t a lot of flashy colors or diamond-covered bezels.  They’re simple, austere, attractive timepieces that are offered at a good price point.

…and now, thanks to the introduction of the Initial Power Reserve model, you have a Charlie Watch with a complication.

Offered in five colors (maroon, blue, chocolate, black and camel,) the Initial Power Reserve is a timepiece that offers several different complications:

  • 24 hour indicator
  • Date
  • Power reserve

Not a bad start.  You do not, after all, start adding complications to your watches by adding minute repeater functions or a perpetual calendar.  These are complicated complications that can come in time.  You start small, make sure that the resulting watch works and that it looks good.

Charlie Watch has the good looks part down pretty well.  The Initial Power Reserve is a great looking watch that displays the complications nicely but doesn’t come across as gaudy.

The Initial Power Reserve features an automatic movement, though it wasn’t developed in-house.  Instead, you’ll find a Miyota 9132 movement inside.  Miyota is a Japanese company that is actually owned by Citizen.  They manufacture movements exclusively and sell them to other watch companies that can put them in their own cases and market them under their own name.

Miyota has been making automatic movements (with and without complications) for years and they are very reliable.

The case on the Initial Power Reserve is made from 316L grade stainless steel, and the watch is protected by sapphire crystal.   Water resistance is rated at 30 meters and the power reserve on the watch is 42 hours, which will allow you to go without wearing it for a couple of days.

Best of all is the price, as the Initial Power Reserve is priced at £595, or about $900 U.S.  That’s a bit more than the rest of the watches in the Charlie Watch line cost, but it’s a pretty reasonable price when compared with other comparable models from other brands.

You can see the Charlie Watch line at their Website.




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